Doyle Brunson Reveal Something On Twitter

Hall of Fame of Poker game Doyle Brunson had a session of a wild cash game.

This happened on Tuesday evening in Las Vegas. Here is the detail what happened on the evening of Tuesday.

Doyle Brunson is now 83-year-old and was playing poker in Las Vegas. He spoke about a contestant in the event without revealing his identity. Burnson used his twitter account and said he saw a player in the event who run just three big bets in the mixed game of $2,000-$4,000 up to a the stack of $550,000. Brunson did not even reveal about the person had originally bought in for.

Brunson said after a minute of this incidence he witnessed two players unnamed of high-stakes get into an argument. The argument became so strong that they threw the chips of poker whose cost was $150,000 onto the floor. The entire incident happened in the Bellagio’s poker room. Continue reading “Doyle Brunson Reveal Something On Twitter”

Daniel Negreanu is best among the players of the poker

He is basically from Las Vegas. Origin country of Daniels (his nickname is “Lid Player”) is Canada.

He has started playing poker from 1997. He was fully fledged in 2014 and his graph was at top level in 2014 after words he losses is level. Daniel 1stly was pool player afterword’s he started playing poker. Daniel won 4 bracelets in World Series of poker. He won his 1st bracelet in his 1st match which was played on 1998. Remaining 3 he has won in 2004. In 2004 he won the poker player of the year named as Toyota player of the year.

He has won total 29,824,945 in his total career. 38 career title won by him in his career and 223 careers cashes. He has not gain any points in 2015 poker player of the year and he is ranked at 2278 place. He mostly played in World Series of poker in which he won $14,641,448. 79 cash in this series and gone through 32 final tables and 6 bracelets in his whole career. In world poker tour $5,705,184 winnings in this series 21 cashes in this series and gone through 9 final table and 2 championship was played in this series. $1,705,492 winnings in European poker our and 6 cashes and gone through 6 final table. Continue reading “Daniel Negreanu is best among the players of the poker”

Kim Alford Poker player of great tribute

Learn new things are what the game teaches .The game of poker is a game where all the players try to learn new things. She is a player who has played the game of poker not just to win poker game or win titles but she has passion to learn the game.

She is a player who likes to play the game for long time. She is a player who has won cashes $23,132 cashes in the worlds series of poker tournament. She is player who likes to watch the game of poker for long time. She is a player who likes to teach her own tactics the game.

She is a player who loves to get new talents and tricks. She is a player who likes to learn the games. She has played at the World Series of poker tournament. She also loves to make new technique and play the game of poker. A player likes to play for the ladies Hold’Em poker player. She is a player who even takes a ride to learn new things from the poker game. She is a best poker player according to statistics. You need to learn your new techniques from the senior poker player. Continue reading “Kim Alford Poker player of great tribute”