Profit Comes To Nevada Casinos

The Gaming Control Board of Nevada released a report that says Silver State Casinos has shown increased revenue.

This happened after a long time, the casinos of city showed some positive figure last time in the year 2008. The release got published recently claiming the total profit made by casinos.

However, it is mentioned in the release that, casino gambling is the not the only contributor of increased revenue. Other factors that have made contribution in it are fees and “room rentals. The fees and room rent contributed $979 million revenue in total revenue of $25.2 billion.

The people belong to the governance of casino in Nevada, are happy with this visible increase in revenue. And there is strong reason for it, just a year before, the casinos of Nevada, endured loss overall, the amount was approximately $662 million. The revenue in the same year was $24.6 billion. Continue reading “Profit Comes To Nevada Casinos”

Jason Mercier Triumph $178,000 And Also A Third Title within Week From SCOOP

PokerStars might as well name SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker) after Jason Mercier, the man who had won three titles of the online tournament since Sunday from the 2015 Edition. “Jason Mercier Spring Poker Invitational” will be more appropriate as he has amassed three titles which included a near $180,000 win at SCOOP-20-H: $2,100 NL Hold’em today.

In back to back wins, Mercier won events in SCOOP-05-H: $2,100 FL Badugi and SCOOP-08-H: $2,100 NL Draw last week.   In the two victories he defeated a field of 99 which is a combined 56 and 43. The third victory was accomplished by overwhelming a crowded 398 entries, including a toughie in the final table where he encountered Calvin “cal42688” Anderson and Ryan “HITTHEPANDA” Franklin.

The results from the SCOOP-20-H: $2,100 NL Hold’em [4-Max] made Jason Mercier the champion with $178,457 first prize followed by Ryan “HITTHEPANDA” Franklin and Calvin “cal42688” Anderson with $152,789 and $68,408 respectively.

The events went on for two days and on the first day close saw 16 players remaining in the field. The field had top online poker players such as Griffin “Flush_Entity” Benger at the 16th place, Tom “hitthehole” Middleton at the 15th and Jeremy “EndlessJ” Menard at 13th spot. They won $9,209 each for their efforts. Continue reading “Jason Mercier Triumph $178,000 And Also A Third Title within Week From SCOOP”

Daniel Negreanu is best among the players of the poker

He is basically from Las Vegas. Origin country of Daniels (his nickname is “Lid Player”) is Canada.

He has started playing poker from 1997. He was fully fledged in 2014 and his graph was at top level in 2014 after words he losses is level. Daniel 1stly was pool player afterword’s he started playing poker. Daniel won 4 bracelets in World Series of poker. He won his 1st bracelet in his 1st match which was played on 1998. Remaining 3 he has won in 2004. In 2004 he won the poker player of the year named as Toyota player of the year.

He has won total 29,824,945 in his total career. 38 career title won by him in his career and 223 careers cashes. He has not gain any points in 2015 poker player of the year and he is ranked at 2278 place. He mostly played in World Series of poker in which he won $14,641,448. 79 cash in this series and gone through 32 final tables and 6 bracelets in his whole career. In world poker tour $5,705,184 winnings in this series 21 cashes in this series and gone through 9 final table and 2 championship was played in this series. $1,705,492 winnings in European poker our and 6 cashes and gone through 6 final table. Continue reading “Daniel Negreanu is best among the players of the poker”

Davide Sciabbarrasi AKA “Sciabbagoal”: A desirable poker player

He is a player who has won matches with great efficiency and shown efforts with great honor till today in the game of poker.

We can see the way he tackles the game is very realistic and desirable for learning for all new poker players .He has played the game to win the match as well to take the game as his passion. He is the most desired poker player till the date who has played the game s for winning the titles and making match in his hand.

A player who has played the game with great score at the international poker tournament .He is a player who loves to play at the world poker tournament. This is a game where he can believe the best .He is a player who has made the  1278 cashes at the world poker tournament. David also likes to make the game as much difficult for the opponent poker player. He is a player who has not played at the European poker tournament. He is a player who has made the game better at the world series of poker tournament. Continue reading “Davide Sciabbarrasi AKA “Sciabbagoal”: A desirable poker player”