A new online poker portal

Following the relaxation of ban on Internet gambling, Caesars Interactive entertainment, the number one US gaming company and partner 888 will come up with an online poker in Nevada. Nevada, which is known to be the well-known gambling location of Las Vegas, is number one in collecting taxes among the American states and that has helped them to ease the online prohibition enforced by congress. The prohibition of the online gambling had set a shock to companies, in the US.

However, the associates decided to launch themselves under the Caesars World Series of Poker brand where the technology to maintain the program would be provided by the 888.  The CEO of 888 Mr. Brian Mattingley said that it is after almost seven years after deciding to quit the US Market, they have decided to return to the US by running the exhibition area WSOP brand. The 888 has a capitalization of about five hundred and sixty million pounds which is approximately $890 million. This is one of the number one European Companies which seeks to expand over Atlantic, as in other states there are restrictions in gambling. Apart from the Atlantic, New Jersey is also another land that is promoting poker and has a deep-rooted land based for gambling and strategies to allow gambling and online poker from November.

With good amount of advancement in the poker games, many areas in the US are opening up and the stringent rules are being a bit loosed up, yet keeping intact the pros and cons of the online gambling game. With poker being more and more accepted and played, many casinos are expanding and widening their openings for poker games for their clients. Online poker has captivated many and still continues to do so.