Jason Koons View On Top Of The Tournament Poker World

Jason Koon is undoubtedly a successful tournament poker champion for almost a decade now. He made his debut tournament score in the year 2008 and has accumulated over $22 million dollars since then in his career. The 33-year-old has been the top players for many years and 2018 is indeed the best year as far as the international circuit is concerned. He achieved 14 final tables and achieved 3 titles. He finished 17th in Card Player of The Year tournament and made it to 8th place in 2017. In 2018, he is in 5th place in the final quarter. He was questioned by the media if Player of the Year is what he has been chasing to which he shared his views.

Koons said Player of the Year, in particular, is not something that he has been chasing. It could have been the case if he was younger as during those days he didn’t have much confidence and knew little of what he wanted out of the game. He said he only knew that he liked playing poker. Those days he had to prove himself to other people. Achieving the Player of the Year title is not his only focus in life as he wishes to do much for his future. He was asked about his thoughts on representing poker to fans and amateurs. He said he is excited to be a poker representative as he cares about the ecosystem of the game and wants to protect. Besides, he wants others to respect it and there are many people who make a living through this game.
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Poker Players Of Wichita Charged With Illegal Gambling Ops After

Two Wichita, Kansas poker players have faced the charge of illegal gambling, following an investigation of federal that involved their phones being tapped back in the year 2015.

Danny Chapman, who is now 67 years old, has pleaded guilty to operating a sports betting ring of high stakes, along with one count of tax evasion. Daven Flax, who is now 46 years old, pleaded to two counts of operating an illegal gambling ring along with one count of making a false statement on a tax return. The pair was initially charged on the 9th of January 9, but the full details of the case were kept sealed until 12th of January. This is informed is shared in a press release sent out from Tom Beall office, the US Attorney.
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PartyPoker Ventures Into Caribbean Waters

For approximately 15 years, the Caribbean Sea was entirely controlled by PokerStars. But, on this turf, now the PartyPoker is making more serious inroads, by giving away a minimum of $10 million during the upcoming event Caribbean Poker Party Festival (CPPF). The event will take place in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and it will also include the $5 million guaranteed in the main event of $5,300.

The Caribbean Poker Party Festival (CPPF) in Punta Cana, DR, will be hosted by PartyPoker, and in the event it guarantees the minimum prize amount of $10 million. The tournament will continue for more than and the money will be distributed all through these days.
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Groan Fold Strategy In Poker

The concept of groan and fold in live poker games is something that most people know about.

However, there are ways to use this strategy right, which is a way of letting go, similar to a crying call. There are times when flopped sets need to be folded or one has to bear it with a groan and allow their chance to go by.

The crying call is one strategy and so is a groan fold that needs to be used the right way in a live poker tournament. The latter strategy is about distracting you as your fingers flick the cards they hold and move towards the stack of chips. This poker technique is little known, but comes in handy in certain times. For instance, in a live tournament of $1000, a passive player might be limping along and when one looks at a flopped set they are holding, they are forced to limp along as well. Continue reading Groan Fold Strategy In Poker

Saladin Won $46K At Schenectady Casino

A man from the Orange County became the big winner Capital Region Classic (CRC) poker tournament.

The event was hosted by the River Casino & Resort on the occasion of its inauguration.

Montgomery based Robert Saladin won $45,034 emerged as the winner of the tournament, which was five day longs and held at the gambling hall of Schenectady.

The second place in the tournament was held by Gerald Edwards of Schenectady, he won the prize amount of $32,258.

In addition to this the total amount of $272,655 was equally divided up among the top finishers, who were 137 in number. These players competed in the tournament and finished at the top. They participated in the event from May 23 to May 28 at the event center of Rivers Casino and Resort. The resorts has been recently inaugurated with this tournament and with such win, it has come in the limelight. As far as the resort is concern is concerned, then it is one of the best with all the amenities for both people who love playing poker and those who love watching it from outside.    Continue reading Saladin Won $46K At Schenectady Casino

Doyle Brunson Reveal Something On Twitter

Hall of Fame of Poker game Doyle Brunson had a session of a wild cash game.

This happened on Tuesday evening in Las Vegas. Here is the detail what happened on the evening of Tuesday.

Doyle Brunson is now 83-year-old and was playing poker in Las Vegas. He spoke about a contestant in the event without revealing his identity. Burnson used his twitter account and said he saw a player in the event who run just three big bets in the mixed game of $2,000-$4,000 up to a the stack of $550,000. Brunson did not even reveal about the person had originally bought in for.

Brunson said after a minute of this incidence he witnessed two players unnamed of high-stakes get into an argument. The argument became so strong that they threw the chips of poker whose cost was $150,000 onto the floor. The entire incident happened in the Bellagio’s poker room. Continue reading Doyle Brunson Reveal Something On Twitter