Daniel Negreanu is best among the players of the poker

He is basically from Las Vegas. Origin country of Daniels (his nickname is “Lid Player”) is Canada.

He has started playing poker from 1997. He was fully fledged in 2014 and his graph was at top level in 2014 after words he losses is level. Daniel 1stly was pool player afterword’s he started playing poker. Daniel won 4 bracelets in World Series of poker. He won his 1st bracelet in his 1st match which was played on 1998. Remaining 3 he has won in 2004. In 2004 he won the poker player of the year named as Toyota player of the year.

He has won total 29,824,945 in his total career. 38 career title won by him in his career and 223 careers cashes. He has not gain any points in 2015 poker player of the year and he is ranked at 2278 place. He mostly played in World Series of poker in which he won $14,641,448. 79 cash in this series and gone through 32 final tables and 6 bracelets in his whole career. In world poker tour $5,705,184 winnings in this series 21 cashes in this series and gone through 9 final table and 2 championship was played in this series. $1,705,492 winnings in European poker our and 6 cashes and gone through 6 final table. Continue reading Daniel Negreanu is best among the players of the poker

Davide Sciabbarrasi AKA “Sciabbagoal”: A desirable poker player

He is a player who has won matches with great efficiency and shown efforts with great honor till today in the game of poker.

We can see the way he tackles the game is very realistic and desirable for learning for all new poker players .He has played the game to win the match as well to take the game as his passion. He is the most desired poker player till the date who has played the game s for winning the titles and making match in his hand.

A player who has played the game with great score at the international poker tournament .He is a player who loves to play at the world poker tournament. This is a game where he can believe the best .He is a player who has made the  1278 cashes at the world poker tournament. David also likes to make the game as much difficult for the opponent poker player. He is a player who has not played at the European poker tournament. He is a player who has made the game better at the world series of poker tournament. Continue reading Davide Sciabbarrasi AKA “Sciabbagoal”: A desirable poker player

Kim Alford Poker player of great tribute

Learn new things are what the game teaches .The game of poker is a game where all the players try to learn new things. She is a player who has played the game of poker not just to win poker game or win titles but she has passion to learn the game.

She is a player who likes to play the game for long time. She is a player who has won cashes $23,132 cashes in the worlds series of poker tournament. She is player who likes to watch the game of poker for long time. She is a player who likes to teach her own tactics the game.

She is a player who loves to get new talents and tricks. She is a player who likes to learn the games. She has played at the World Series of poker tournament. She also loves to make new technique and play the game of poker. A player likes to play for the ladies Hold’Em poker player. She is a player who even takes a ride to learn new things from the poker game. She is a best poker player according to statistics. You need to learn your new techniques from the senior poker player. Continue reading Kim Alford Poker player of great tribute

The MPN Poker Tour Venue heads to London to Aspers Casino Stratford

The eagerly waiting MPN Poker tour has been headed to London, UK and the inaugural festival would be held at Asper Casino Stratford.

Asper Casino Stratford, one of the most popular Casino in UK remains open 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Asper is the largest Casino in UK and much larger gaming venue across the country. The venue has a large floor space and it looks entirely different from the typical British Casino.

The Casino floor space is packed up with hundreds of slot machines and with countless gaming tables. Asper Casino remains a busy Poker room and this is where the action is going to take place for MPNPT. The Casino has already host many poker tournaments and the cash tables have attracted lots of poker players.

The Asper Casino Stratford has 300 permanent seats and the poker room is largest as well as busiest in London. Continue reading The MPN Poker Tour Venue heads to London to Aspers Casino Stratford

Doyle Brunson-Poker to have won 10 WSOP

There are endless games which every individual feels to pay for his relaxation and also for the expectation of peace which a normal man expects so.

You may be a real watcher of the game Poker, when you wish to play the game, you can choose it yet the specialisation of the skills is what a player must have to possess here. The choice of the game is most important whereby poker professional can successfully handle the game professionally.

Doyle Brunson is the poker who has won the bracelets which are counted to be as 10 in his hands and also the poker has bagged the WPT title too once. Poker is named by his nicknames as Texas Dolly, Big Papa, and also as The Godfather of Poker too. The poker resides at Nevada. Born in 1933, poker has played by paying justice to the play or the game for around 50 years. The poker is a 2 time winner of WSOP. The poker has authored several books too. He turned to be the very 1st poker in the history of poker to have won $1 million. Also, the poker has joined the group of players turning as to have won the bracelets number of times.

The influential force in poker:

Poker has also joined another group too, where he is 1 among 2, as he had won the poker bracelets in consecutive years numbered to be 4 times. Also, he is one among 5 players and also the 1st too, to win both WSOP and WPT titles. Bluff magazine quoted him to be the influential force in the history of poker by 2006. Poker bagged the bracelets in these years 2 in 1976, 2 in 1977, 78, 79, 91, 98, 2003 and in 2005 too.

Johnny Lodden Disposition Paints the picture of a Poker Hero

Norway is endowed with various players who participate in the stormy poker industry where they have performed amazingly. However, one cannot dispute the poker industry there is at its fledgling stages and is on the verge of maturing into a robust industry , players like Johnny Lodden have left no stone unturned to squeeze out substantial earnings and prizes from a swollen gambling industry.

Lodden plays at the blooming online poker platforms where he has not walked home empty-handed. This has not emanated from clinching the highly coveted prizes but through perspicacious bets. Being a Norwegian, his achievements are impressive owing to the poverty of top-notch players from the EU who can challenge the lofty Americans.

Lodden has managed thirteen cashes at the EPT, managing a final table in 2008 in Budapest and a 2013 tournament in Monte Carlo. However, his name sufficed as among the most talented poker players when he played at the European Poker Tour Grand Final, Monte Carlo where he loftily led in chips but unfortunately finished 17th where he raked in $73,797. 2013 saw him place third in the EPT Monte Carlo where he took home a colossal €467,000.Lodden placed eleventh during the 2008 WSOP tournament where he pulled in a substantial $86,880. He eventually cashed in a single event during the 2009 WSOP that saw him manage a deep run during the 2010 WSOP. With the array of achievements that he has secured for his resume in the high-profile eking out plethora earnings, the lucrative-nature of poker becomes clear.

He has a fortitude that has seen him accumulate above $1,250,000 in live tournaments by 2013. Lodden is among the players who have managed to achieve various prizes that are considered as highly coveted at the international scale. He is a paradigm for his countrymen and a demonstration on the achievements that they can manage.