Jason Koons View On Top Of The Tournament Poker World

Jason Koon is undoubtedly a successful tournament poker champion for almost a decade now. He made his debut tournament score in the year 2008 and has accumulated over $22 million dollars since then in his career. The 33-year-old has been the top players for many years and 2018 is indeed the best year as far as the international circuit is concerned. He achieved 14 final tables and achieved 3 titles. He finished 17th in Card Player of The Year tournament and made it to 8th place in 2017. In 2018, he is in 5th place in the final quarter. He was questioned by the media if Player of the Year is what he has been chasing to which he shared his views.

Koons said Player of the Year, in particular, is not something that he has been chasing. It could have been the case if he was younger as during those days he didn’t have much confidence and knew little of what he wanted out of the game. He said he only knew that he liked playing poker. Those days he had to prove himself to other people. Achieving the Player of the Year title is not his only focus in life as he wishes to do much for his future. He was asked about his thoughts on representing poker to fans and amateurs. He said he is excited to be a poker representative as he cares about the ecosystem of the game and wants to protect. Besides, he wants others to respect it and there are many people who make a living through this game.
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Poker Players Of Wichita Charged With Illegal Gambling Ops After

Two Wichita, Kansas poker players have faced the charge of illegal gambling, following an investigation of federal that involved their phones being tapped back in the year 2015.

Danny Chapman, who is now 67 years old, has pleaded guilty to operating a sports betting ring of high stakes, along with one count of tax evasion. Daven Flax, who is now 46 years old, pleaded to two counts of operating an illegal gambling ring along with one count of making a false statement on a tax return. The pair was initially charged on the 9th of January 9, but the full details of the case were kept sealed until 12th of January. This is informed is shared in a press release sent out from Tom Beall office, the US Attorney.
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PartyPoker Ventures Into Caribbean Waters

For approximately 15 years, the Caribbean Sea was entirely controlled by PokerStars. But, on this turf, now the PartyPoker is making more serious inroads, by giving away a minimum of $10 million during the upcoming event Caribbean Poker Party Festival (CPPF). The event will take place in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and it will also include the $5 million guaranteed in the main event of $5,300.

The Caribbean Poker Party Festival (CPPF) in Punta Cana, DR, will be hosted by PartyPoker, and in the event it guarantees the minimum prize amount of $10 million. The tournament will continue for more than and the money will be distributed all through these days.
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Jeff Lisandro

Jeffrey Lisandro is a popular Australian proficient poker player, now living in Salerno located Italy. Thus Lisandro is popular by numerous names such as money amusement master and more.

However, it is a well-known confront on the poker competition circuit and is viewed as one of the head players of7 Card Stud on the planet. At the 2009 World Series of Poker, he turned into the first individual to win a World Series title in each of the three seven-card stud teaches at the same Series when he won competitions in Stud High, Stud High-Low, and Razz, gaining him the Player of the Year title. Continue reading Jeff Lisandro

A new online poker portal

Following the relaxation of ban on Internet gambling, Caesars Interactive entertainment, the number one US gaming company and partner 888 will come up with an online poker in Nevada. Nevada, which is known to be the well-known gambling location of Las Vegas, is number one in collecting taxes among the American states and that has helped them to ease the online prohibition enforced by congress. The prohibition of the online gambling had set a shock to companies, in the US.

However, the associates decided to launch themselves under the Caesars World Series of Poker brand where the technology to maintain the program would be provided by the 888.  The CEO of 888 Mr. Brian Mattingley said that it is after almost seven years after deciding to quit the US Market, they have decided to return to the US by running the exhibition area WSOP brand. The 888 has a capitalization of about five hundred and sixty million pounds which is approximately $890 million. This is one of the number one European Companies which seeks to expand over Atlantic, as in other states there are restrictions in gambling. Apart from the Atlantic, New Jersey is also another land that is promoting poker and has a deep-rooted land based for gambling and strategies to allow gambling and online poker from November.

With good amount of advancement in the poker games, many areas in the US are opening up and the stringent rules are being a bit loosed up, yet keeping intact the pros and cons of the online gambling game. With poker being more and more accepted and played, many casinos are expanding and widening their openings for poker games for their clients. Online poker has captivated many and still continues to do so.

Richest Poker Prize This Year

The richest poker prize for the year seems to be bagged by a young grasp for 2013. The esteemed Las Vegas hosted World Series of Poker has culminated into its final 2 stage with two 23-year olds vying for the magnanimous 8.4 million USD prize.

Among the two young finalists for 2013 World Series of Poker, one is a poker pro from Michigan named Ryan Riess while Jay Farber is a club promoter from Las Vegas. Both Riess and Farber had to beat 6,352 entrants in the July held No-Limit Hold’em poker & then 7 finalists in a rushing all-night poker session on November 4 & 5. Continue reading Richest Poker Prize This Year