The Most Influential Force Poker Player

Doyle Brunson is a legendary poker player, born with a fide poker. He is one of the patriarch players among the modern poker world; he is attributed as popularizing sport as he practically invented Hold’Em Texas. He has created a history record by winning bracelets of the World Series of Poker Events ten times and that too four bracelets in a consecutive years, he is the only player who have won the WSOP bracelets continuously four times. Additionally, he managed to win the title of the World Poker Tour in the same year when he won the WSOP bracelet. In the poker world, he was the first player to earn $1 million.

After his achievement of 10th WSOP bracelet he was voted with the title the foremost influential force in the poker circuit by Bluff Magazine in the year 2006. Brunson was one of the leading figures of the infamous poker sharks group “The Texas Rounders”; according to The History Channel they cleaned the Texas Dry by playing poker at high table stakes in the year 1950’s and 1960’s. In the year 1962 he came to know that he is diagnosed by cancer and he was informed that only three months are their to live his life; luckily he is alive at present and still playing and kicking the poker games at an extremely elite level. Brunson’s mind is much sharp as it was in earlier time period.

Before entering world of poker, Brunson used to play in a basketball team at NBA for the Minneapolis Lakers, but due to one of the accident occurred at a factory, his leg got shattered and he need to left his basketball carrier. Even at present days he is seen at the poker tables along with a crutch. He has written many books on the poker card games, among them “Super System”, guidance of Texas Hold’Em is one of the best selling poker books.

Tom Schneider

Basically from Indiana, Tom Schneider spent his childhood in Arizona. He had a passion for the education and went on the get a degree in the field of accountancy as a certified public accountant. He went on to set up his own company of golf supplies and also worked in numerous companies at high level posts where he lead from the front and took the organization to places. There was a time when he used to earn great and ensure that he could lead a luxurious life. But his love for the game of poker made him quit his job and play the game of poker in all earnest. This had started as a hobby and had moved on to a full time profession.

When he started playing high stake games, he earned a reputation as a force to reckon with and this was when he started winning some high stake games. once he saw the potential of this game he decided to change careers and took up poker as a full time game for himself. Once he started winning, it took him no time to play and win. From one tournament to the next, his winnings kept on increasing and so did his reputation as a great player.

His first major win came in the year 2002, when he reached the final table of the WSOP and at the end of the game, he reached the forth position. At the end of the year, he had participated in many games and won them. with each final table, he ensured and secured his position at the top rank. The career of Tom Schneider took a turn for the better in the year 2006 when he won a great bank roll and managed to finish at the third position at the WPT at Reno.

WSOP Considering Jerry Buss Memorial Event

According to latest news by World Series of Poker (WSOP), the gold bracelet will be renamed in the honor of Jerry Buss, owner of LA Lakers. After popular shows at Television like Poker after Dark and High Stakes Poker Player, Buss was also playing WSOP tournament at Las Vegas regularly.

Few months back, the idea of honoring Jerry Buss Memorial Event was confirmed by Seth Palansky, the director of World Series of Poker (WSOP) communications.

Jerry Buss was playing at World Series of Poker (WSOP) from last twenty five years. We will approach to his family to confirm either they are ready to rename one of our trophy in honor of Jerry Buss. It is quite an interesting idea but it cannot happen overnight. It takes time in implementing any change. There is not any perfect schedule when this idea will be implemented. It is just an idea and let us see when this idea will be executed in real. Buss owned the LA Lakers in 1979 and he passed away at the age of eighty. Continue reading WSOP Considering Jerry Buss Memorial Event

Bounty Tournaments

On the poker game play table, the player will feel and get most satisfactory feelings when he/she will eliminate any of their opponent player in the tournament. Not only because the player won the huge pot; but even for the reason that the player would go one step ahead, closer towards cash prize. Further, both the cash prize and eliminations will come together at the Bounty tournaments of the Merge Gaming Network. In this tournament, prize pool percentage is kept on the players head after taking out as a bounty. Bounty is nothing but similar to a word bonus or additional.

Regardless with the general placing tournaments, every individual player can make a small amount of profit on the bounties. Half of the amount of buy-in tournament will be contributed in the prize pool, and remaining left amount will be kept in the bounty field. Half price amount is kept on the head of each player, so next the player has to simply eliminate other two opponent players, and then after the player will consequently make their buy-in amount back, with the profit left to come. Bounty tournaments are counted under the roof of most essential and more liked tournaments by the several players all over the world.

Bounty tournaments are available in various different structures of prize. The overall structure of prize payout will remain as it is, but some extra value of amount will be found on knocking out any of the other player, and cash prize is be received on every elimination. The bounty pool of prize can be easily customized in any manner, right from 10% to a whole amount of 100% of the buy-in. A player can simply check the listings of tournaments in the software of Merge Gaming Network’s and had a glance at the structure of prize poll for any of the upcoming tournaments.

Online Poker influence

Online poker has brought a new spectrum to the world’s greatest card game. Playing poker over the internet is markedly different from regular poker, yet the similarities it shares with regular poker make it appealing to anyone familiar with the game.

Texas Hold ‘Em, currently the most popular form of poker in the U.S., is available on many sites, as are other less popular variations. Online poker allows the user to play multiple tables at one time, and the speed of the game is significantly increased due to instant card shuffling and dealing. The limit on online poker sites is usually significantly lower than in regular casinos.

Online, a player’s limit is usually around 2 cents, while in casinos it’s usually a dollar or two. Online poker is certainly convenient, and there are people who prefer the game played on a computer. Continue reading Online Poker influence

Eugene Condon Jr Wins $10 Million

The game of poker is not limited to the young only and this is proved from the fact that Eugene Condon Jr. from Massachusetts won the No-Skrill Poker Tournament worth $10 Million at the age of 51 years. Though there are many young players who are calculative and play their moves with the greatest of precaution in order to win, the experienced of the lot ensure that they use their years of experience in predicting the moves of the opponents and getting success in the way. Thought this is not an easy task and is not taught in any rule book, it is the forte of the players who have spent years in the circuit.

This tournament was an electronic one and therefore no live dealers in it. As the prize was a large one, there were many stalkers and the payout was very attractive. From the 560 players, the final 12 were the most renowned ones of the lot and Eugene Condon Jr. was not much taken notice of. This gave him an opportunity to observe his opponents and make sure that he had an upper hand in the entire process. This was a different format of the game and so the players did not actually have to bet or do any sort of action on the scene.

But the entire process was so interesting that it many people took interest in watching the game and wondering who the winner would be. This attracted more attention as people from all over the place took in the board and would bet on the winner. The new format was the main attraction, but soon wilted as the 51 year old Eugene Condon Jr. found place in the final three. All attentions shifted to him and suddenly he was in the spotlight. And when he won the game, well history was created.