Last year, for a number of reasons, online poker games earned the headlines. But most of those were for the faulty reasons. According to sources online poker is bound to make rolls in this year as of few positive switches. Numerous trends are developing in the online poker diligence in the year 2012. One of the livest drifts in the diligence is mobile gaming.

Few poker sites are providing options that permit poker players to get at their oblations via mobile phones. Very soon, many more websites are expected to offer mobile betting options to poker players. Recently, Betfair declared that by the year 2016, over 50% of the gross in the diligence is expected to arrive from mobile gambling. Though at present it is a niche product, but mobile poker games may flourish and turn to be a vast part of the market.

Along with the modifying comfort of linking to the internet on handheld gadgets, more poker players are choosing to go for the mobile edition of poker rooms. According to sources, another element that prompts people to use their handsets for getting at online poker real cash games is that the gadgets are portable. This appears quite soft for players to log on to a poker website and play games even if they are on the go.

The applications being sprang up for getting at poker rooms on mobile devices have turned elevated. They come with characteristics that heighten player feel. Most of the applications load games at once, supplying quick access to the tables at which games happen. Poker players can get at their poker accs easily through the applications. They can crack details like the history of their hand. Along with poker applications, players get the same gains as they would if they were to play the game online.

Focus on: Doyle Brunson

Doyle is a well known poker player that has over half a century of experience with this game. He was born in 1933 and he is most known for the fact that he was the first player to win the main event of the World Series two years in a row, as well as the fact that he is part of the Hall of Fame of Poker, plus an author of well known and appreciated poker books.

He is also known as the first poker player to have made $1 million from tournaments of poker. All in all, he has a total of 10 bracelets from the World Series, gathered throughout his career. Thanks to this number, he shares the number two spot with Johnny Chan, at the number of won bracelets. The player that has the first spot has eleven bracelets and his name is Phil Hellmuth. There are only four players that managed to win a main event at the World Series more than once and Brunson is one of them. His glory years in this regard were 1976 and 1977. He is also known for the fact that he managed to win WSOP bracelets four years in a row, something that only one other poker player managed to do (Bill Boyd). If that’s not enough, he was also the first poker player that managed to get both a first spot at the Main Event of the World Series and a title at the World Poker Tour.

Besides his poker playing career, Brunson is also the author of multiple books that have poker as a topic, one of them being Super/System, a book that many consider to be the best one when it comes to poker.

He managed to cash in at the World Series 34 times and made over $2.9 million from this tournament. The total amount of winnings at live tournaments during his entire life reached $6 million in 2011.