Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson is the name of an American who plays poker as a profession. The man took birth on the year of 1933 on the 10th of August. He had won the main event of poker in the main world series of the game two times and he is the first man to do so in a row. He is an inductee in the hall of fame of poker and had also written a number of books that talk about the game of poker. No poker player before him had earned as much as one million dollars in the tournaments of poker. Doyle Brunson had been the winner of the bracelets of the World Series for ten times in his illustrious career. There are only four players in the history of poker world series who had won the main event more than once and he is one of them. he had won the first main event in the year of 1976 and then he went to win again in the year of 1977.

Apart from Bill Boyd, he is the only player who had won the bracelets during the WSOP for four years in a row. There are five players in the world who have won the title of the tour of world poker as well as the main event of WSOP and Doyle Brunson is the first among them. He was voted as the most influential personality in poker world by the Bluff Magazine in the year of 2006. he took birth in Longworth in the Fisher County of Texas. the town where he belonged was a humble area with a population of about hundred or so. he had run long ways to go to other towns which turned him into a solid athlete. He was a member of the basketball team of Texas. He went to the university of Hardin-Simmons located in Albeit in Texas.

Doyle Brunson had to put a stop to his career on athletic sport after an injury in his knees. He started to play the game of poker illegally. He traveled around the state of Texas to play the illegal games of poker that were generally organized by the criminals and the enforcement of rules was not very stable. He had seen a number of times a gun pulled at him during those games. He played his first legal game in Las Vegas for which he had pulled a lot of money with a friend but lost all of it.