Kara Scott Ambassador For 888poker

Kara Scott is being ambassador for 888poker, there is a lot that she reveals about herself and how she came on to being an ambassador and hostess of most 888poker events.

She has developed a reputation as a professional player in the field as well. Today she has a total of $658,222 that she has earned in total in live tournaments. That is definitely something to be inspired by for the 888poker live festival event players that is ongoing right now in London. She would also be the face of the game in the world. With the World Series of Poker is coming up, she would be representing the program on ESPN besides being an ambassador for 888poker.

She has had an interesting history prior to this. Being a dual citizen of Canada and Britain, she moved to London in 1999 when she started to teach at a city school. Now she lives in Slovenia with her husband. When she is interviewed about her days of teaching, she states that once she was asked to take lessons with a class of 60 kids.

One child even tried to set her on fire. She did not have any help and did not know how to manage. That was a point in time when she realized that she was not cut out for teaching. About her playing, she feels that the most surreal experience she had was when she came second in the Irish Open. Her favorite movie is Rocky I and her favorite drink is coffee. Even though she has made a lot of changes to get healthier, she will not give up on drinking coffee. She also talks about Ljubljana, which is her current city of residence. She feels that she loves the town and it is a lovely place to be in. It is one of the safest countries in Europe.