Online Poker influence

Online Poker influence

Online poker has brought a new spectrum to the world’s greatest card game. Playing poker over the internet is markedly different from regular poker, yet the similarities it shares with regular poker make it appealing to anyone familiar with the game.

Texas Hold ‘Em, currently the most popular form of poker in the U.S., is available on many sites, as are other less popular variations. Online poker allows the user to play multiple tables at one time, and the speed of the game is significantly increased due to instant card shuffling and dealing. The limit on online poker sites is usually significantly lower than in regular casinos.

Online, a player’s limit is usually around 2 cents, while in casinos it’s usually a dollar or two. Online poker is certainly convenient, and there are people who prefer the game played on a computer.

Still, it doesn’t seem as if online poker will overtake regular poker anytime soon. Playing the game in the same room as your opponent is an essential aspect of the game – it is the only way to see someone bluff or watch for his tell. Plus, no one can deny they get a thrill from raking in a large pot while watching the jealous faces of all his opponents. That, friends, is true poker.

Online Poker is not perfect, however, and for some it will never replace the brick and mortar casino. Some argue that playing online is a completely different game. You cannot read your opponents facial expressions, nor can you get a feel for who he is – he is simply a name on a computer, making bets from which you have to make decisions. Some point to the lack of sociality in online poker – after all, playing by yourself over a computer is certainly different from sitting next to 5 guys in a glitzy casino, or gambling with friends at your house on a Friday night.

There are also legal considerations for Online Poker.

In 2006, President Bush signed the Safe Port Act, which essentially made online, real money poker illegal. Many online poker sites began to deny access to U.S. gamblers, and while there have been attempts to legalize online gambling once again, for now only fake money online poker is readily available.

And where’s the fun in that? There is also a risk in online poker. reports that several employees of were using their position within the company to play while simultaneously looking at their opponents cards. Now, the company is embroiled in a 75 million dollar lawsuit, and is “the biggest known case of fraud targeting an Internet gambling site and its customers”. Although cases such as this are rare, they still act as a warning to potential gamblers.