Profit Comes To Nevada Casinos

Profit Comes To Nevada Casinos

The Gaming Control Board of Nevada released a report that says Silver State Casinos has shown increased revenue.

This happened after a long time, the casinos of city showed some positive figure last time in the year 2008. The release got published recently claiming the total profit made by casinos.

However, it is mentioned in the release that, casino gambling is the not the only contributor of increased revenue. Other factors that have made contribution in it are fees and “room rentals. The fees and room rent contributed $979 million revenue in total revenue of $25.2 billion.

The people belong to the governance of casino in Nevada, are happy with this visible increase in revenue. And there is strong reason for it, just a year before, the casinos of Nevada, endured loss overall, the amount was approximately $662 million. The revenue in the same year was $24.6 billion.

The senior analyst from NGCB, Michael Lawton shared his view over the increased revenue of Nevada Casinos and said, “It is good to see the overall increase in revenue of place, however, it is like the trend has tilted towards entertainment, retail and restaurant business.”

He further said that, the increase in overall revenue has been seen after a long time and it is good to see that, because it is the data of overall, covering everything in Nevada.

There are 273 casinos present in Nevada and reports have covered the revenue of all that has witnessed $1 million or larger figure.

David G. Schwartz is the director in Nevada, Las Vegas University, at Center for Gaming Research, Schwartz said “The casinos of Nevada are not just known for gambling but it is more than that. The pattern of revenue has shifted, but increase revenue overall means growth of industry.”