Saladin Won $46K At Schenectady Casino

Saladin Won $46K At Schenectady Casino

A man from the Orange County became the big winner Capital Region Classic (CRC) poker tournament.

The event was hosted by the River Casino & Resort on the occasion of its inauguration.

Montgomery based Robert Saladin won $45,034 emerged as the winner of the tournament, which was five day longs and held at the gambling hall of Schenectady.

The second place in the tournament was held by Gerald Edwards of Schenectady, he won the prize amount of $32,258.

In addition to this the total amount of $272,655 was equally divided up among the top finishers, who were 137 in number. These players competed in the tournament and finished at the top. They participated in the event from May 23 to May 28 at the event center of Rivers Casino and Resort. The resorts has been recently inaugurated with this tournament and with such win, it has come in the limelight. As far as the resort is concern is concerned, then it is one of the best with all the amenities for both people who love playing poker and those who love watching it from outside.   

Sharing information about the General Manager of the Rivers Casino & Resort Mary Cheeks said, “In the event that we hosted the Capital Region Classic, we witnessed a good turnout of players. They enjoyed playing here and we have gotten much positive feedback from the players. In this area, Poker pros have wanted to have big poker tournaments like this for years.  We are happy that we made it, also we are eager to deliver this type of tournament for those players in the near future as well. Moreover, we look forward to announce our next big event.”

According to the official of Casino tournament had 1,095 players all came from seven states and Canada.