Jason Koons View On Top Of The Tournament Poker World

Jason Koon is undoubtedly a successful tournament poker champion for almost a decade now. He made his debut tournament score in the year 2008 and has accumulated over $22 million dollars since then in his career. The 33-year-old has been the top players for many years and 2018 is indeed the best year as far as the international circuit is concerned. He achieved 14 final tables and achieved 3 titles. He finished 17th in Card Player of The Year tournament and made it to 8th place in 2017. In 2018, he is in 5th place in the final quarter. He was questioned by the media if Player of the Year is what he has been chasing to which he shared his views.

Koons said Player of the Year, in particular, is not something that he has been chasing. It could have been the case if he was younger as during those days he didn’t have much confidence and knew little of what he wanted out of the game. He said he only knew that he liked playing poker. Those days he had to prove himself to other people. Achieving the Player of the Year title is not his only focus in life as he wishes to do much for his future. He was asked about his thoughts on representing poker to fans and amateurs. He said he is excited to be a poker representative as he cares about the ecosystem of the game and wants to protect. Besides, he wants others to respect it and there are many people who make a living through this game.
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