Profit Comes To Nevada Casinos

The Gaming Control Board of Nevada released a report that says Silver State Casinos has shown increased revenue.

This happened after a long time, the casinos of city showed some positive figure last time in the year 2008. The release got published recently claiming the total profit made by casinos.

However, it is mentioned in the release that, casino gambling is the not the only contributor of increased revenue. Other factors that have made contribution in it are fees and “room rentals. The fees and room rent contributed $979 million revenue in total revenue of $25.2 billion.

The people belong to the governance of casino in Nevada, are happy with this visible increase in revenue. And there is strong reason for it, just a year before, the casinos of Nevada, endured loss overall, the amount was approximately $662 million. The revenue in the same year was $24.6 billion. Continue reading Profit Comes To Nevada Casinos

Fabin never stressed about the results and only focused on the game

Fabin Quoss is a profession poker player from Germany.

He is sharp and a skilled poker player. He plays the game as if he is playing the first game with full of his spirit and enthusiasm. The home town of this poker player is Nuremberg. He started with his poker career in his home town. He is very much skilled and is known for his tricks that he uses in the game. He never uses the same trick always changes the tricks and makes the opponent confuse.

He is very much concerned with the game he is playing and comes with the winning spirit in the game. He is has many people talking about his game and his playing spirit. He has a very positive attitude and has very much love towards the game. Continue reading Fabin never stressed about the results and only focused on the game

Sergio Aido: A Serious Poker Player of Spain

Sergio Aido, is a Spanish poker player. He started his poker career in the year 2012.

Sergio Aido played his first poker tournaments in the Barcelona, in which he was ranked 2nd and had $5,055. After that he played more three tournaments that year. The same year for the first time he was ranked 1st in WPTN which was held in Barcelona. In this he won a prize token of $115,240 which is one of his top earning till now.
After that in the year 2013 he played twelve more tournaments. In the first match of the year 2013 he was ranked 1st and had won $217,530. This is the biggest event played by Sergio Aido in his entire poker career. This is the highest prize earned by Sergio Aido till now. After that in the same year once again he was ranked 1st in Galway. In Galway his prize token was much low as compared to the previous tournament. This year he played many more tournaments and had won a good ranking, his prize token was having a roller coaster ride but yet it was quite good. This year was made him popular to.
After this, in the year 2014 he played more thirteen tournaments. This year Sergio Aido was not ranked 1st in any of the events but yet he tried a lot of playing for the highest rank and prize money.

Continue reading Sergio Aido: A Serious Poker Player of Spain

The MPN Poker Tour Venue heads to London to Aspers Casino Stratford

The eagerly waiting MPN Poker tour has been headed to London, UK and the inaugural festival would be held at Asper Casino Stratford.

Asper Casino Stratford, one of the most popular Casino in UK remains open 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Asper is the largest Casino in UK and much larger gaming venue across the country. The venue has a large floor space and it looks entirely different from the typical British Casino.

The Casino floor space is packed up with hundreds of slot machines and with countless gaming tables. Asper Casino remains a busy Poker room and this is where the action is going to take place for MPNPT. The Casino has already host many poker tournaments and the cash tables have attracted lots of poker players.

The Asper Casino Stratford has 300 permanent seats and the poker room is largest as well as busiest in London. Continue reading The MPN Poker Tour Venue heads to London to Aspers Casino Stratford


Last year, for a number of reasons, online poker games earned the headlines. But most of those were for the faulty reasons. According to sources online poker is bound to make rolls in this year as of few positive switches. Numerous trends are developing in the online poker diligence in the year 2012. One of the livest drifts in the diligence is mobile gaming.

Few poker sites are providing options that permit poker players to get at their oblations via mobile phones. Very soon, many more websites are expected to offer mobile betting options to poker players. Recently, Betfair declared that by the year 2016, over 50% of the gross in the diligence is expected to arrive from mobile gambling. Though at present it is a niche product, but mobile poker games may flourish and turn to be a vast part of the market.

Along with the modifying comfort of linking to the internet on handheld gadgets, more poker players are choosing to go for the mobile edition of poker rooms. According to sources, another element that prompts people to use their handsets for getting at online poker real cash games is that the gadgets are portable. This appears quite soft for players to log on to a poker website and play games even if they are on the go.

The applications being sprang up for getting at poker rooms on mobile devices have turned elevated. They come with characteristics that heighten player feel. Most of the applications load games at once, supplying quick access to the tables at which games happen. Poker players can get at their poker accs easily through the applications. They can crack details like the history of their hand. Along with poker applications, players get the same gains as they would if they were to play the game online.